Diamond Cutting

Terry Keith has been actively involved in diamond cutting for over 50 years. Today he still cuts some of our own diamonds, which enables us to offer them at very competitive prices. He also offers cutting and repair services to the trade and the public.

Due to other commitments, Terry only accepts cutting and repairs for stones of certain sizes and above. He will, of course, endeavor to bring the most out of your stones with maximum weight retention. As no two repair works are the same, we need to inspect the stones before we can give you a definite quote for repairing damaged polished stones. We prefer stones to be unmounted before we take them in, but we can arrange for this to be done professionally by a stone setter for a reasonable extra charge. The table below is a baseline for price estimation purposes:

 Work Undertaken 

 Minimum Weight *

 Price /Carat

 Rough cutting


 £150 + VAT

 Polished stone repair


 £300 + VAT **

* This refers to the original weight of stones before cutting. We will consider stones just below the thresholds. 

** This is based on a complete recut for brilliant stones. Prices are likely to be lower for step-cuts, such as emerald, asscher and baguette as a complete recut might not be required.